Junior Design Engineer – Aerospace

Our team at DRONAMICS is developing the world’s first unmanned cargo airplane that can transport 350 kg over 2,500 km. We believe it will transform aviation and will have a tremendously positive impact on the lives of millions of people in emerging markets and beyond.

We have achieved significant industry recognition for our work and are supported by some of the top experts in the fields of aerospace engineering and logistics worldwide. We (yes, we — a tiny company from Bulgaria) are widely recognized as the world’s leading cargo drone developer, have won a number of international awards, and in 2018 we became IATA’s first Strategic Partner for drones worldwide.

Awards, as nice as they are, are not what matters to us. What we want is to achieve our mission – to democratize airfreight, and this will take a lot of (exciting) work. As we gear up our efforts, we’re in the process of rapidly expanding the team and are looking for a number of experienced professionals.

Design engineers are responsible for the calculations, analysis, design and development of new aircraft. As a Junior Design Engineer, you will have, or gain, a thorough understanding of all this, and more. Your role is multidisciplinary, and you will be working closely with other design engineers, as well as with colleagues across a number of functions, including production, avionics, testing, and operations. As a Junior, there will be significant growth opportunities. Given the frequency of international partnerships, communication skills and foreign language command are both very important, and needless to say the ability to work as part of a team is crucial.

– An accredited degree or postgraduate qualification in Aeronautical/Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering
– Experience in Aeronautical/Aerospace or Mechanical engineering is a plus
– Willingness to learn and share knowledge
– Positive attitude and exceptional attention to detail
– Great analytical skills
– Fluency in English, other languages are a plus

– LOTS of opportunities for personal and professional growth, incl. outside of Bulgaria
– TONS of work, ZERO office politics
– Full-time labor contract, motivating remuneration

If you’re interested, apply by sending us your CV and Cover Letter. If you’re the candidate we’re looking for, you won’t send us the same Cover Letter you send other companies (we know MS Word has “Find and Replace”). You will, instead, recognize that there’s only three things we care about: 1) Why You? 2) Why Now? 3) What’s the three-digit number corresponding to the number of words in this ad?

As a startup, we have limited resources, so only shortlisted candidates will be contacted (hence question 3). Thank you in advance for understanding!